What types of Hotel towel do guests really want?

Whether your guests stay for one night or a week, you’ll want to make them feel right at home by providing them with a high-quality hotel towel to make them feel comfortable. Providing the proper supplies for your hotel’s bathroom or spa facilities, however, is not as simple as it may seem. 

No number of amenities or gimmicks can create a stronger and lasting impression on guests than the low-quality hotel linens, so it’s always necessary to focus on the essentials you provide to your visitor. Small rooms may be disappointing, but that is excusable to some extent. But give any guest a flimsy bed sheet or worse, a rough or scratchy towel, and you can say goodbye to repeat business and expect a bad review.

So, apart from the quality of other hotel supplies, it’s also important to know what kinds of towels are expected by guests in your hotel room. Here is a basic list of hotel towels a visitor will need. They include: 

  • Washcloth 
  • Hand towel 
  • Bath mat 
  • Bath towel 
  • Pool towel 
  1. Washcloth: 

Washcloths are little, square cloths that are typically folded up with the toiletry kit. They’re used to wipe faces after washing. Washcloths can also be used for a variety of other things. If a hotel room has numerous visitors sharing a soap bar, washcloths are beneficial for them to clean themselves without having to rub the bar directly on their bodies.

  1. Hand towel: 

As their name suggests, hand towels are used to dry your hands. These towels remain outside of the shower and can also be used to dry your face when needed.

  1. Bath Mat:

A bath mat is a medium-sized hotel towel that guests use to wipe their feet after they get out of the shower. Their primary function is to absorb the drips so that they do not end up on the floor or carpet. These towels are more necessary than you may realize. Have you ever walked out of a hot shower to find yourself standing on a cold, wet floor? It’s nothing but a serious irritation.

  1. Bath towel: 

Bath towels are larger than bath mats and are used to dry off after your relaxing shower. They’re also frequently used to cover heads. Your bath towels should be of excellent quality. Your guests will at once notice if your towels aren’t of good quality. A scratchy, low-quality towel spoils a peaceful shower session like nothing else. So, it’s very important to get your bath towels from the right source.

  1. Pool towel: 

Pool towels are essential for hotels with swimming pool facilities, though they are not always available in all hotels. They are larger in size than the regular bath towels and come in a variety of colors or patterns that is not the same as the towels used in the bathroom. These towels are perfect for relaxing on beach chairs or drying off after a pool swim.

How to keep your hotel linens last long? 

Guests want super soft towels to use during their stay. By washing them with warm water with a little bit of vinegar and baking soda during every wash, will keep your towels cozy and comfortable for a longer period.

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