How GPS Tracking App Helpful For Your Transport Company?

It’s time to improve your experience with technology. Humans are so far away now these days with the help of technology. These technologies are helping people to solve their regular life and make this easier. One of the technologies that improve transportation experience to humans is GPS (Global Positioning System). 

Nowadays, finding the best route in maps (google maps), track your food order (food delivery apps), track courier (on demand courier delivery apps), order a cab (on demand taxi booking apps) & grocery apps etc. in these platforms GPS tracking is used. 

What Is A GPS Tracking System?

To understand the GPS tracking system let’s start from the full form of its global positioning system. Now you can understand that this clearly indiation a particular location or a place. GPS system is a facility of process that can help to track a perfect real time location of any device, place, movable ites or vehicles. That needs to be associated with GPS tracking devices. 

GPS involves a perfect network of satellites orbiting around the globe along with a device that can determine the location on earth.

GPS was developed for military application in the 1960s but later it can be used for publice in 1983.

How Does A GPS Work For A Transport Company? 

Here we are going to understand the working procedure of the GPS. GPS tracking device generates special dedicated signals that are processed by a receiver. GPS receivers track the real location of the GPS device, on the other hand compute their time and velocity they are traveling. The positions can also be computed and represented in 3-D visuals with the help of 3 types of GPS satellite segments.

Basically this system work on three segments 

  1. Space
  2. Control 
  3. Users 

Space Segment 

Basically the global positioning system consists of 27 satellites moving around the orbit of earth. In these 27 satellites 24 satellites are working and 3 are backup satellites in case of emergency or failure we can use them. These working satellites are moving around the orbit of earth 24×7 and send signals to GPS receivers on earth.

Control Segment 

The positioning system is controlled by various tracking stations placed around the earth. Here at these stations microwave carrier signals are transmitted by the satellites. After that GPS receivers convert these signals into data like velocity, time and position etc. 

User Segment 

GPS receivers receive signals send by the GPS satellites

Types Of GPS  Tracking For Transport Company 

Till now according the the working, functionality, and other features GPS can be divided into three categories

  1. Commercial GPS tracking
  2. Passive GPS tracking
  3. Active GPS tracking / 2- Way GPS tracking

Commercial GPS Tracking 

GPS tracking is something that records information of location related to vehicles during a journey.

Passive GPS Tracking 

When we talk about passive tracking systems this indicates that GPS systems store information within the GPS system itself. 

Active Tracking System  

Active tracking system is something that sends data to a centralized database through a modem, this is called active tracking/ 2-way GPS system.

How GPS Tracking App Is Helpful For Your Transport Company

Here we are going to share benefits of GPS vehicle tracking system 

  1. Improved safety
  2. Minimize fuel cost 
  3. Lower operational cost 
  4. Increase productivity
  5. Theft recovery 
  6. Enhanced customer satisfaction 
  7. Improve Fleet Management 
  8. Resource optimization 
  9. Data driven decision 
  1. Improved Safety 

Monitoring your fleet in real time is really necessary to the transportation business. This helps to understand the driver’s behavior to keep monitoring your fleet real time. With the help of a GPS tracking system you can keep them away from over speeding, rash driving, harsh acceleration. With GPS tracking software you can get instant alerts in case of emergency. GPS allows you to stay updated about your vehicles and provide assistance to support drivers. 

  1. Minimize Fuel Cost

With the help of GPS you can get the idea about the shortest possible ways to reach your destination. Also you do not need to worry about the traffic  and ways where you are going to suffer while traveling. It will help you to minimize the fuel cost and on the other hand it reduces time also. 

  1. Lower Operational Cost

As you can track and monitor fleet drivers have taken inefficient routes or even used vehicles for unauthorized purposes. You can get all the important information/data of your fleets through an integrated GPS  tracking software. This is really expenditure related to your fleets. 

  1. Increase Productivity

Increasing the productivity of your fleets is always a hurdle for the on transportation business owners. With the help of GPS tracking apps fleet management can be better used for the relevant data to improve your operations and reduce the operational cost of the company. This also increases the productivity for your fleet. 

  1. Theft Recovery

Most of the time you have seen people lose their mobile, device and vehicles. These are the problems that are associated with everyone. Also the transportations companies follow longway distance to deliver the supplies and material. This is always a threat to the people who drive the vechnials. But after implementation of GPS this is reduced by more than 50% and you can find out the vehicles very easily. 

  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customers are worried about their odors in terms of food delivery. They want to know the real time location of their orders. This provides them a satisfaction that is necessary for the customers. With the help of GPS tracking apps people can get this satisfaction. 

  1. Improve Fleet Management

Fleet management is not an easy task for the transport companies. However with the advanced GPS trackers you can stay updated about the wherasbout your products. From GPS tracking getting all the relevant and essential information to the fleet through constant 2-way communications. That allows us to make informed and data driven decisions. With the help of GPS Tracking apps transport companies are able to improve fleet management. 

  1. Resource Optimization 

As you can understand with the name this is all about how you can increase productivity and efficiency. GPS tracking allows for increased resource optimization. 

  1. Data Driven Decision

GPS tracking apps can provide the details about the route and reduce the paperwork. This also helps to make data driven decisions. 

Top GPS Tracking Apps In The USA

Here we are sharing top GPS tracking apps in the USA

  1. Google Maps
  2. Fami safe
  3. Map my run by under armor 
  4. Life 360
  5. Follow me
  6. Track view
  7. Family Locator 
  8. Glympse 
  9. Find my iPhone 
  10. mSpywonder


GPS tracking apps are very useful for the transportation company and also for the humans. These applications are used for various purposes like real time tracking, monitoring purposes etc. if you want to start an app then need an bitcoin wallet app development Company and this does not cost too much.

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