Different types of payment plans for buying property in Dubai


The real estate market in Dubai has often been termed a magnet for investors in property purchasing. They are attracted to buying villas, townhouses, and apartments for sale in Dubai. According to a report, three-quarters (75%) of the real estate in Dubai has been acquired by foreign investors. Moreover, investors are now focusing on new developments like Six Senses Residences at Palm Jumeirah. The project is offering villas and penthouses for sale in Dubai.

There are the available payment choices for property buying in Dubai:

Payment choices available for property buyers in Dubai

Buy property on cash

This one’s fairly understandable. The purchaser has to make the whole payment in cash. It is a predictable payment method and comes with numerous perks for both parties involved.


Keeps debts at bay

The main benefit of making payments in cash is that it will keep debts at bay. This means that you will not have to make monthly installments for the acquired property that usually consumes a major portion of one’s income, whether you buy villas or apartments for sale in Dubai.


Buying a property in cash offers suitability. There are no difficulties involved. You like a property, discuss the price, validate the seller and make the payment. 

Lesser Paperwork

When purchasing in cash, there’s no need to achieve widespread paperwork since no third party is involved apart from the purchaser and seller. There are no documents relating to gaining a mortgage or home loan when buying apartments or penthouses for sale in Dubai.

Interest-Free Payment

Purchasing property in cash is that it is an interest-free payment. As the purchaser makes the complete payment in cash, there is no interest grown.

Room for Negotiation

Making the complete payment in cash may assist you to negotiate the price even more with the seller.


Difficulty in Arranging Cash

The biggest challenge in choosing this payment plan is the accessibility of cash. Property values in Dubai are on the advanced end of the range. 

No Savings

It’s very unusual for a person who has obtained a property in cash to still have their funds to bank on. 

Mortgage a Property

Another popular option between payments plans for purchasers, mortgage, or funding selection suits those who do not have a lot of cash at their removal. Numerous purchasers choose this method because of the suitability it offers. 


Easy Repayment

When anyone advances a property, they have to refund the amount mortgaged in monthly repayments. 

Provides a chance to own a property for everyone

As stated above, not everyone has cash willingly available to make expenditures in one go. This is where loan choices come in handy. They permit everyone to own a house in Dubai, providing they can show their capability to repay the loan. You can have a chance to buy villas and apartments for sale in Dubai with this payment plan.


A Complicated Procedure

Gaining a home loan can verify to be a complex process because of the paperwork related to this choice. 

Interest Rate

There will be an interest rate on the mortgage amount, which raises the total amount to be paid.

Eligibility Criteria

Not everybody can get a home loan in Dubai since the candidate has to meet suitability criteria. 

Post-Handover Payment Plans

This is one of the most corporate payment choices available for purchasers and investors in Dubai. In this choice, the purchaser pays a major part of the worth of the property after it is given to them.


Easy on the Budget

This payment choice is comfortable on the budget since the purchaser only has to pay a definite amount as the early deposit. 

Less Paperwork

As compared to the mortgage payment selections, the procedure to follow this specific plan is easy because of easy paperwork. You can buy villas, townhouses, and apartments for sale in Dubai with less paperwork via this method.


Shorter Payment Period

The payment period for post-handover payment choices is small, typically five years. Therefore, the installment sum is high.

Fixed Amount

Unlike other payment choices, buyers or sellers do not divert negotiation in a post-handover way. This means the volume is immovable.


A moderately new home purchasing scheme in Dubai, the rent-to-own choice permits the purchaser to get into a rental contract with the landowner. This payment choice is appropriate for end-users and is only available for ready-to-move-in properties.


Suitable for Purchasers

This scheme is more appropriate for purchasers since it permits them to own the property even if they do not have enough resources to make a down payment.


High Property Prices

The drawback of this payment plan is that the purchaser will have to pay an advanced volume in the long run as associated with the market price of the property.

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that there’s a payment plan available for every type of purchaser in Dubai. So, before you plan to buy villas, penthouses, and apartments for sale in Dubai, gather information about all these payment selections and then make a knowledgeable decision.

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