4 Crucial Aspects of Brand Building over Social Media

While most brands are somewhat aware of the importance of social media in building a brand image, the right way to go about it is still not apparent. Many brands are not able to see the desired results which they want from their social media accounts because they are not using the right strategies. If you want your online presence to grow, here are a few crucial things to keep in mind.

Selecting the right network

With 22% of the people using social media every day, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a platform where you want to grow your business. However, building your business across all platforms may not be of much use, since there are different types of audiences using these platforms. While Facebook is the best way to reach audiences across all ages, if you are a niche business it may not be the best choice for you. You may want to look towards Instagram if your brand image relies more on the use of high-quality pictures. Or if you are a business or company, then you may want to look towards LinkedIn. Even Google+ and Pinterest have their audiences, and if used the right way, they too can help you grow your business.

Influencers are great

Building your audiences by publishing interesting content is a great way to help your brand get recognized. However, this method can take you a while to get noticed. One excellent way in which you can get on the radar of most people is by leveraging influencers. You can do this easily by referencing their name, work or website in your content. Or you can do it by mentioning their work and then tagging them in your post. By tagging them or emailing them about your post, you can ensure that they notice your post and perhaps, engage with it in some way. You aim to encourage influencers to share your work with their followers.

Informative and shareable content

Your content is no good if it does not engage your audience. One way to ensure that your audience is interested in your content is to make your content engaging and entertaining. By producing content which your users are likely to share, you not only engage your present users but ensure that your work reaches out to more people. When publishing content on your social media page, do not be afraid to make use of images. Not only are these media files engaging, but they are quite shareable as well.

Social Media Campaigns

With organic searches diminishing, social media campaigns are your best bet to reach a wider audience. By holding contents or using paid campaigns as a part of your strategy, you can ensure that your brand name reaches more and more people.

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Your Roadmap to Developing a Viral Marketing Campaign 

Viral status means that your campaign generates a lot of views and is circulated widely. Of course, all brands would want their campaign to gain popularity and reach a broad audience. However, that kind of content is not easy to achieve. Viral content needs to be carefully crafted; everyone wants the status of viral content; they cannot create it unless they keep these crucial points in mind:

Target Audience

To ensure that your campaign goes viral, you need to pick a target audience for your brand. After you have selected the audience that you want to market your products to, you must research more into the target group to find out what type of campaign is likely to resonate with them or is enough for them to want to share your campaign with others.

What’s your aim?

It is not enough to want a viral campaign. You must know why you want your campaign to go viral, or whether you want to create brand awareness as a whole or you want to sell a particular product. Before you design your campaign, it is imperative to know what you want to achieve out of your campaign.

Use Visuals

Viral campaigns usually rely heavily on visuals. Do not shy away from making as much use of visuals as you can. Visuals are what grabs people’s attention and what is likely to be processed and shared faster.

Clear message

You should be clear about the message of the campaign. The campaign represents your brand, and hence the message that the campaign conveys should adhere to your brand values.

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