12 Cupboard Designs That Work Perfectly in a Small Bedrooms

Your cupboards are one of the most important things in your small bedroom, so it is important to select cupboard designs that will work well in that space. As we all know that small bedrooms can sometimes be a struggle when it comes to finding storage solutions, but it doesn’t have to be that way! In this article, you will find cupboard design ideas for small bedrooms that will transform your room into a beautiful haven. These bedroom cupboard designs will not only save you space and help with organization, but they will also give your bedroom a more spacious and airy feel.

1. Sliding cupboard design with mirror panel

One of the best ways to add storage space to your bedroom is to install sliding wardrobe designs. These cupboard designs open up completely and can be moved easily to different parts of the bedroom. They usually include built-in mirrors which add elegance to the space. You can get these cupboard designs for both beds and wardrobes.

2. L-shaped corner cupboard design

This L-shaped corner cupboard design is very useful and practical for small bedrooms because it allows for plenty of storage space. You can even display your favorite knickknacks or decorations on the top shelves of this cupboard.

3. Open shelf design with a set of drawers underneath

If you are having trouble finding adequate storage space in your room, then you should consider installing an open shelf design. It will add a lot of extra storage space to your room, and the open shelves allow for easier access to the contents. This design would look great in a kids’ bedroom or in a small living room.

4. Built-in cupboard design with a central island

If you have a tiny room and you want to maximize the area, then you should consider this built-in cupboard design with a central island. The island can be used as an extra bed or as a place to keep your books, magazines, and other items.

5. Double cupboard design

This is another great option for your small bedroom storage needs. A double cupboard is a good idea if you have a single bed or bunk bed. It can store many items including clothes, shoes, bags, books, and other accessories. You can even use this as an armoire or coat closet. 

6. Wall mounted cabinet

Another option for your small bedroom is wall mounted cupboard designs. This is an ideal solution if your bedroom walls are covered with pictures, paintings, or other decorative items. If you don’t have that much space in your bedroom, you can use a small cupboard with a storage unit instead.

 7. Two door cupboard design 

This two door cupboard design can be used as a dresser or a night stand depending on your needs. It is built with two doors on both sides and has a very modern design that will add some great style to your small bedroom. The top drawer and shelves are made with plywood that has been stained and painted. The handles are made of metal with a glossy finish and they complement the whole design perfectly.

8. Side by side cupboard design

If you want to maximize the space in your small bedroom, then go for something like this side by side cupboard design. With this type of design, you get the best of both worlds as it offers plenty of storage, yet the design is minimalistic and it makes the space look bigger.

9. Shaker style cupboard design

Shaker style cupboard design is another design that will give your bedroom a more spacious feeling. The cupboards are made up of two or three shelves stacked on top of each other and are usually painted white. This particular cupboard design will also add a bit of warmth to the bedroom as the shelves are lined with beautiful white shelves.

10. Storage cabinet design

If you are looking for a modern and compact design, then you should definitely consider using a storage cabinet design. These cupboard designs are perfect if you live in a small apartment and want to make the most out of a small area.

11. Wooden cupboard design with shelves

A wooden cupboard will not only create a gorgeous appearance in your small bedroom, but it will also add a rustic appeal to your interior. It will make your room feel more homely and cozy. It can also look very classy, so you can use this design as an accent or simply as the main piece of furniture in your room. You can also make this cupboard design with your favorite wood, such as walnut or oak.


When it comes to small bedroom storage, there are plenty of options of cupboard designs available on the market. You can choose the one depending on your preferences. Choose the one that fits your small bedroom best and you will get maximum benefit from it. You can also use the above-mentioned small bedroom cupboard design ideas to make your small bedroom more spacious.

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